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About The Agile Marketing Podcast

Agile Marketing is the premier podcast for process-minded marketers. All of our featured guests have one thing in common: they’re really good at getting stuff done. Join Muhammad Yasin and Eva Jackson, co-founders of Agile Marketing Indy, as they spotlight dynamic marketers who spark new ways of doing work and challenge status quo.

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Agile Marketing Indy would like to thank our sponsors who make this podcast possible. We’re proud to bring such great content to the Indy area and beyond!

Recent Episodes

podcasts-002 - lessonly
002. Lessonly: Kyle Lacy

This Agile Marketing Podcast is spotlighting a team that defied Agile process to ship better work. Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing at Lessonly, tells the story of how his department made drastic changes in their process to scale their team and achieve aggressive goals. Plus, Kyle gives listeners a sneak peek into his daily productivity routine and how he creates time for focused tasks.

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001. Indianapolis Colts: Amber Derrow

The Agile Marketing Podcast sits down with Amber Derrow, Director of Social and Digital Content Strategy for the Indianapolis Colts, to learn more about how her marketing team scores big wins both on and off the field. From collaborating with other NFL franchises to executing crisis management plans (all while deflecting Internet trolls), Amber shares tips that any marketer can use to navigate change at work.

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000. Introducing the Agile Marketing Podcast

Our mission is simple: to share new ways that process-minded marketers and creatives can get stuff done. In the premiere episode of the Agile Marketing Podcast, co-creators Muhammad Yasin and Eva Jackson share more about their vision for helping marketers do better work.

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